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Danskin discusses water alternatives

Sitting on top of several
fault lines, the San Bernardino
area faces the high probability of
a major earthquake some time in
the future, affecting not only resi
dents and businesses, but also the
region’s water basins.

Those potential threats to the
area’s water basins have forced
water officials to find unique and
alternative ways to manage the

Those issues will be the focus
of a February 28th lecture at
Cal State, San Bernardino by
Wesley R. Danskin of the U.S.
Geological Survey. The event is
sponsored by the university’s

Water Recourses Institute.

Danskin’s presentation is based
on the U.S.G.S report “Hydrology,
Description of Computer Models,
and Evaluation of Selected Water-
Management Alternatives in the San
Bernardino Area.”

to the public and will be,held at
the Pfau Library,at 6:30 p.m. in
room PL-401. A reception will be
held at the institute’s offices in
room PL-4011 at 5:30 p.m. Parking is
$4 per vehicle.

For more information, contact the
Water Recourses Institute at (909)
537-7684, fax 909-537-7682.