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JPL Field-Trip

The following is your fieldtrip pre trip assignment. Complete questions
1and 2. Use a separate sheet of paper. If you need help with the satellite
information, see the JPL web site: This
assignment should take you 1 hour or more so donít wait until the morning
of the trip to start. Read the second set of questions so you will know
what to look for during the field trip

    1. Define the following terms: 2. Identify the following satellites:

Following are the questions to be completed on the field trip and written
up afterwards. Type all answers, put them in the order given, include your
pre-trip at the end, and place it all in a thee-hole paper folder. You will
need to neatly redraw any required sketches and place them in the proper

    1. Submit a diary of all stops and events of the day. Include
    non geological events as well as your scientific observations.
    (50 points; note that this question is competitive and only the most
    complete answer will get all 50 points.)
    2. Give a detailed summary of the video viewed at JPL. (10 points)
    3. Give a brief discussion of how JPL started and how the site was
    selected. (10 points)
    4. Describe the grounds and setting of JPL today including
    the surrounding neighborhood. (10 points)
    5. Select four instruments/missions that monitor Earth and explain in detail
    what they have found or are trying to accomplish. If insufficient
    information is available during the trip, visit their home pages off of the
    JPL web site given on the other side of this paper. (80 points)
    6. Sketch and label any of the space exploration models in the museum.
    Be sure to discuss when and where they were used or are being used.
    What type of data were/are being collected? (20 points)
    7. Pre trip assignment for each student in the group with signature and all
    questions answered. (20 points)
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